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We have built the first collaboration platform to make progress together on mental health

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Change starts with an introduction to have a conversation and measuring for progress

Data Driven

With more transparency of data we can really make an impact lasting generations


We support individuals to collaborate and distribute their mental health challenges

Physical health seems to be getting so much support but mental health is undermining our social fabric and devalues all of us.

It is not just a psychological issue;

it is a tremendous waste of the world’s human potential.


By facilitating improved mental health, we empower lots of people a chance to live life at its fullest.

Political, economic and social foundations rely on a sound support structure and will benefit all the world’s citizens.

Together we can eradicate hardship and work towards a better world for everyone

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The team was formed in early 2018 and is set to move swiftly into a beta release
Oliver Dolan

Oliver Dolan

CTO & Founder

Long standing history in developing software solutions.

Motivated to make a difference in the world



BD & Marketing Specialist

Business minded and caring marketing communicator with a strong drive to do right for the world.

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