Equly is looking for a co-founder!

We are a new software platform for measuring and reporting on gender equality.

Located in Stockholm and looking for driven and motivated people who want to tackle the gender equality global goal 5.

Currently the gender equality data is very fragmented so we wish to centralize the data so people can see it more easily and understand how to make things better.

The Role:

  • Push to get product into the market and generate first sales of saas solution
  • With the aim to assume more and more responsibility and grow with the company
  • Recruit, manage and train others to sell the options globally
  • Knowledgeable or credible in gender equality or HR is a plus
  • Ideally based in Sweden, Uk or Europe
  • Experience of telesales and cold lead generation is a plus
  • Interested in growing a company and looking for investment later to accelerate growth
  • Able to lead initial go to market strategy
  • Relate and understand feedback from a variety of people
  • Mixes well in all social circles eg: dealing with charities, non profits and large corporations..

If its suitable for you please apply by emailing admin@equly.com or applying through Angelist



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